About Us

Confidence Interval, LLC was established in September, 2012. We are growing our client base and proving our unique outlook on data collection and analysis.

We make recommendations, predict outcomes, and investigate any differences between predicted and actual outcomes. Every recommendation is evaluated after it is implemented, either confirming or rejecting the knowledge on which it was based. We apply the scientific method to marketing and advertising.

Meet Our Team
Manager of Consulting
Todd Gamber

I established Confidence Interval to help companies trust and use their data to increase profit. I have over a decade of experience in interactive marketing and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which gives me an incredibly clear understanding of the entire analytics lifecycle — from data collection to presentation and decision-making. I lead the Confidence Interval team in measuring and improving web sites with tremendous speed and precision.

  • Adobe Certified Expert: Reports and Analytics
Digital Analyst
Weston Harrison

My name is Weston, but most people call me Wes. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at Colorado State University, which eventually led me into the fitness industry. In the fitness industry, my focus on customer service, quality, and integrity made me successful. Yet, I yearned for something technical. I have always had a knack for numbers and a keen eye for quality, which is what led me to the technology field. At Confidence Interval, my skills ensure flawless data collection and reporting.

Senior Digital Analyst
Jennifer Zawacki

I am a transplant to Colorado from the Northeast, and a business analyst who loves helping people use data effectively to make good decisions. My specialties are creating clear, concise reports and dashboards using best-practice data visualization techniques, as well as scenario modeling, forecasting, and process improvement. Outside of work, I enjoy skiing, trail running, and contributing to my community, including volunteering with Analyze Boulder, a meetup group for data enthusiasts.

Senior Developer
Jeremy Orban

I am passionate about automation and programming. My career started as an embedded software developer for industrial control systems where I was part of international teams solving important problems every day. I specialize in development of automated testing tools, including software which tests web analytics tags. When I’m not slinging code, I am gourmet cooking, researching personal health (aka “bio-hacking”), and practicing martial arts (having most recently achieved a 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo).

Director of Sales
Kurt Spiegel

Kurt leads the sales efforts at Confidence Interval providing services to enable customers to achieve their web engagement and customer marketing goals. To realize the benefit of achieving these goals, he relies on deep technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the project requirements. Kurt has been supplying solutions for over 20 years with successes in software testing, enterprise applications, and marketing. As modern solutions have evolved, Kurt has adapted to new technologies but firmly remains steadfast in providing top tier customer satisfaction.